Richard James help sellers present their homes to buyers using 3D technology

Having been established in Swindon and the surrounding areas for 28 years, Richard James Estate Agents has always led the way with their innovative approach to marketing and showcasing property.

Amid the COVID-19 lockdown, estate agents across the UK needed to adapt as one of the first sectors back to business and plenty of buyers, sellers and renters out there looking for the ideal property.

With an extensive sales and marketing strategy already in place, Richard James enlisted the help of local business Wyvern 3d, commissioning them to undertake a virtual tours project. Providing an opportunity to refresh the sales and marketing approach for Estate Agents across the UK.

Wyvern 3d are part of the The Carto Group and both are based within the thriving Tech hub at the Workshed, Carriage Works in the centre of Swindon. Using Matterport scanning technology, the team has an extensive portfolio of properties and projects from around the Southwest and beyond, from hotels and spas to holiday homes and more.

The virtual tours created by Wyvern3d allow the home-buying public to virtually walk around a property using a computer, tablet or smartphone. The stunning 4k resolution captures every inch of the interior perfectly.

The viewer also gets to interactively ‘play’ with the tour to get to know a property in detail, moving around inside and going up through floors. The tours play a large part in helping qualify prospective buyers to real prospects, with some buying directly from the tours alone.

With social distancing a must, branch agents need to keep physical viewings to a minimum. The tours allow them to filter enquiries down to truly interested parties prior to arranging physical viewings.

Ross Sutton, director, says, ”Our customers and the team here at Richard James are always at the forefront of every decision we make. We want to keep people moving and most importantly make them feel at ease whilst doing so. Working with Wyvern3d has given us a way of reassuring customers and sellers as well as allowing them to narrow down searches and save time walking around multiple properties. We’re already seeing the results and are very much going to continue the roll out as part of our commitment to deliver award winning service in Swindon and the surrounding area.”

Tom Ridgway, Head of Surveying at Wyvern 3d says, “It’s fantastic to be able to provide forward thinking survey technology to a local partner. Richard James delivering this Virtual Tour service across their portfolio of homes really does make them stand out from the competition. It also gives their clients the best opportunity to sell their property fast.”

With 20 Virtual Tours captured and delivered already over the past couple of weeks and many more to come, Richard James are doing a great job at putting the safety of their customers and people first.

With social distancing to continue for the foreseeable future, 3D visualisation services that home buyers can rely on and access easily are becoming extremely important. Virtual Tours are definitely helping aid house purchasing across the UK and give a much needed boost to the housing sector and wider economy.

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