Nirvana Spa

Well, here it is! Our biggest project to date containing 474 scans and 3 linked 3D models to present a complete tour of the Nirvana Spa complex. This tour will form the centre piece of the Spa's new website when it is launched later this year and will be used to showcase the huge range of facilities on offer.  Nirvana Spa have chosen to become collaborators on this model which means they full control over the content including tags, 2D images, 360 degree images, highlight reels and the VR version of the tour.  This means they can use the tour to highlight the latest offers and take viewers into the correct part of the tour for any part of the new website. We are looking forward to seeing the tour in the new website soon! Thanks to our partners at Creative Project Services and CartoConsult for working with us on this project.

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